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Unity in Conflict
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*Unity in Conflict
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This course is not only designed for the pastor, counselor, or people-helper wanting specialized training in conflict resolution (A.C.B.C. Certified), but also for the person in conflict looking for competent, intensive biblical help that has proven effective through years of counseling practice. “Unity in Conflict” contains biblical conflict resolution tools that have motivated and guided many people, especially married couples, in conflict to experience God-given unity. By working through these eight lessons, you will learn to draw near to Christ and His mind, as you learn His way of dealing with strife in relationships. You will learn, like Him, to offer peace and unity in a relationship without compromising truth. As a result, you will experience the inner peace of Christ and become an instrument of peace in the hand of your Savior to those who tempt you to fight and quarrel. The Bible will be opened as God’s Spirit persuades you more deeply in the truths of Biblical peacemaking. We have moved UNITY IN CONFLICT online course to our interactive online school site to increase your learning, retention, and application of the material. Please go to the following site to gain access: