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*Unity in Marriage (19 Part Video)
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*Unity in Marriage (19 Part Video)
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The video version of this course is now at our online school. Please go to the following site to gain access: This course is not only designed for the pastor, counselor, or people-helper wanting specialized certified training in counseling couples (A.C.B.C. Certified), but also for a spouse or married couple looking for competent, intensive biblical help that has proven effective through years of counseling practice. In these workshops, you will be taught the same key insights that have been used by God at the center to restore the love and teamwork of many marriages. The soil of your marriage will be saturated with biblical insights and practical tools that can revitalize your own marriage, and at the same time enhance your ability to intensively disciple those in need of marital help. Couples who attend often give testimony like the following, “We could not believe how deeply the Holy Spirit spoke to our hearts about changes we needed to make … this has forever impacted our marriage.” We have moved the UNITY IN MARRIAGE online course to our interactive online school site to increase your learning, retention, and application of the material.

Who should take this course?
1. This specialized intensive has been designed and approved to meet the ACBC continuing education requirements for existing ACBC certified members to obtain the marriage specialization designation.

2. This specialized intensive has been developed for the marriage in need of help - whether it is a basic problem or intensive problem. You will learn the same biblical insights that for the last fifteen years has been used in counseling by the Lord to open eyes, motivate hearts, and restore marriages in desperate situations.

3. This specialized intensive has been designed for the pastor, lay-person, and concerned friend or family member who seeks to help marriages in conflict biblically. You will gain specialized tools, approaches, and insights to help couples break free of conflict and grow in unity and intimacy.

What topics are covered in this course?
The Unity in Marriage Course intensively covers the following topics in 17 recorded sessions: The Cause of Conflict, How to Change Biblically, Faith-Motivated Love in Marriage, Biblical Communication, Biblical Roles: Husband & Wife, Managing Responsibilities, Leaving and Cleaving with Levels of Intimacy, Sexual Satisfaction, and Financial Unity.

How will I learn and be equipped in this course?
This interactive study will equip you in being able to counsel couples in virtually any issue through learning the elements of the Unity in Marriage At-a-glance Chart. You will take part in two online class discussion to help you apply what you are learning through a case study and Q & A. You will deepen your retention of the material through learning a process of memorization and meditation focused on 15 scriptures used most frequently in marriage counseling.

May the Lord use this course to transform you and your marriage if you are in need of intensive or basic help. May the Lord use this course to equip you in providing intensive guidance to couples in conflict.


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