Counselor Mentorships

Are you ready to take your training to the level of ministry? 
Our mentorships take you from theory in biblical change to practice in biblical counseling.

Mentoring the next-gen of biblical counselors and their ministry. 

There are two types of mentorships available.
1. Counselor Mentorships help you develop the skillful and effective use of the Scriptures in counseling change. (This page describes counselor mentorships.)
2. Ministry Mentorships help you develop a counseling ministry in a community counseling center or a church-based soul care ministry.


The following seven elements are used in our mentorships based on your training goals and needs. What help do you most need is where we begin?

What Does the Counselor Mentorship Include?

A. Meet Monthly with an Experienced and Certified Counselor
Partner up with an experienced biblical counselor and receive hands-on, personal guidance on your cases. (If you are seeking certification, these personal mentorship meetings can apply to all required hours of supervision.) These meetings will help you maximize your God-given outcomes in the lives of others. 

Three purposes for one-on-one mentorship meetings

  1. Case Resourcing - Receive valuable recommendations and personal training on using case-tested biblical change studies, activities, books, media, and illustrations for any current counseling cases.
  2. Case Supervisions - Receive experienced oversight and direction in your cases including where to begin, how to inventory and interpret the data biblically, how to inspire and persuade the counselee to see the problem biblically and to give necessary effort to change, as well as what change activities to assign.
  3. Team Counseling - Receive hands-on opportunity to aid an LCBCC counselor in the process of biblical change in the life of a counselee. You serve as an encourager-coach to the counselee under the LCBCC counselor. This level of mentorship is not always available, so if interested and qualified please inquire. 

If you are ready to take your counseling to the next level, enroll in our Counselor Mentorship Package. If you are ready to begin a counseling ministry enroll in our Ministry Mentorship Package.

B. Access Five Essential BC Online Training Courses (You plus one team member) 
The following five courses are included in the Step Up Package in our online school. The good news is you plus one other person serving on your counseling team can enroll in each of these at no additional cost. (Every twelve months you may transfer the Step Up Packages to new team members to help you continue to build a team of Biblical counselors for you ministry. The Step Up Package includes all courses needed to achieve all phases of LCBCC certification or ACBC certification.

  1. Foundations Course: Change That Sticks - This is the essential core curriculum certified by ACBC that has helped hundreds learn to overcome fundamental personal and relational problems, as well as learn fundamental doctrines and methodologies in counseling others. Included are 45 instructional videos, weekly interaction from an LCBCC course moderator, and a monthly practicum with our director.
  2. 10 Counseling Observations - Watch Biblical change in action as you identify, learn and apply the 10 Marks of the Faithful counselor from some of the best biblical counselors.
  3. ACBC Exam Mentorship - Receive 6 months of personal guidance on every ACBC exam question submitted, plus access 18 online sessions of preparation (at your one pace)
  4. Transformed by Truth - Enroll in a robust systematic theology of biblical counseling and change and then apply this to counseling suffering, grief, addictions decision making and eating disorders.
  5. Contemporary Issues in Biblical Counseling - Learn how to apply a theology of change practically to dozens of issues: abuse, crisis, bipolar, ADHD, singleness, divorce and more. 

C. Access Three ACBC Online Specialization Courses (You alone gain access)

  1. Unity in Marriage: ACBC Certified Specialization
  2. Unity in Conflict: ACBC Certified Specialization
  3. Encompass Addiction Counseling Course (Coming spring 2022): ACBC Certified Specialization

D. Access Our Pro Resource Center- (You alone gain access) This includes 700 plus case-tested tools to share or print for your counselees and team members. Many users say the pro-resource center is a one- of-a-kind extensive biblical resource ready to use for changing lives.

E.  Participate in Online Monthly BC Network Group Mentorship Meetings (You plus one team member) 

  1. In these meetings, Tim Bryant, our director, interviews special guest counselors like Ken Sande, Dr. Bob Somerville, and Amy Baker to biblically equip you in a contemporary counseling topic like Gender Confusion, Domestic Abuse, Time Management, Covid Conflict, Depression & Anxiety.
  2. You gain special access to these mentorship meetings on the second Thursday to ask our panel questions and discuss some of the resources available today in the biblical counseling movement.
  3. You may also watch all past recordings of the Monthly BCN Meetings of the Biblical Counseling Network and access all handouts and notes.

The BC monthly mentorship meetings are a great way to research, continue your BC education and network with like-minded counselors and pastors. 

Who Can Sign Up for a Counselor Mentorship? 


What Will Be Expected?


Sign up today by choosing the Counselor Mentorship Package at our Online School of Biblical Counseling.

Regardless of your goals in counselor development and certification, the Counselor Mentorship allows you to continue to learn the riches of God’s Word and the skillful application of its truth in hundreds of counseling topics from a counseling center whose approach has been used by God to change hundreds of lives through the Glory, Word and Spirit of God.

Sign up today by choosing the Counselor Mentorship subscription.

Are you already trained or certified in Biblical Counseling and would like to go beyond counselor mentorship to ministry development in a church or community? Are you a pastor wanting to begin a Biblical Counseling ministry in your church but concerned it will require too much of your time? 

If so. consider the next step by enrolling in a Ministry Mentorship - reduce your workload but increases the fruit in Christ through a team approach we call the Step Up Strategy.

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