Self-Paced Intesives

Those who have experienced personal or relational change have done so by learning the insights and applications of the Intensive Courses included below. We know that you probably need personalized help in learning the insights and applications, but many have found the following at-your-own pace intensives enough. Consider signing up for these and getting the manual, even if you are awaiting an appointment. This will often speed the process of hope and help that you need to change.  (If the following courses do not fit your particular need search out the media library. We have over one hundred and twenty workshops on just about any topic you might currently need. )

Unity in Conflict(read more)

Transformed Emotions (see more)(read more)

Unity in Marriage(read more)

Victory Over Addictions(read more)

Addiction Biblically (read more)

Parenting by Faith(read more)

Divorce & Remarriage(read more)

The Christian Single (read more)

Victory Over Eating Disorders(read more)

Over Eating Disorders Today(read more)

Unity in Conflict: Becoming a Person of Tremendous Spiritual Influence in a Difficult Relationship
Are you in conflict with another person – your spouse, child, or another family member, a co-worker, a neighbor, a brother in the church? Sometimes we are tempted to back off in fear. Sometimes we blow up in anger. In this intensive course, you will learn a biblical approach that God has used at the Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center to change and heal destructive relational dynamics in hundreds of relational conflicts. In this course, we will dig into the Scriptures as God's Spirit empowers and equips you in the wisdom of the humility of Christ. You will become an influence for positive change and peace.

Topics: It Only Takes One; Examining Your Concerns; Examine Your Heart; Examine Your Circumstances; Humility in Conflict Humility; Sacrificial Love in Conflict; Speak the Truth in Love; Involving Others in the Conflict - Begin Unity in Conflict Today

Transformed Emotions: Discovering God's Help in Anxiety, Anger, Depression & Shame
Feelings are gifts from a good God. Even feelings of SAD, MAD, BAD, "FRAD" (afraid) can be used for good - if we do not follow the downward spiral. We must use those feelings to motivate us to seek a greater perspective of hope in God and a greater application of his Word in life. 
God calls us neither to follow or ignore our feelings, but rather transform them by renewing our minds by His Spirit. You will be equipped with specific emotion-changing perspectives and strategies from God’s Word that have helped hundreds.

Topics: Curing the Cause of Anger; Avoiding Despair in Difficult Times; Controlling Fear, Anxiety, and Worry; Clearing the Guilty Conscience; Overcoming Hurt & Bitterness - Begin Transformed Emotions Today

Unity in Marriage: Two Becoming One
No marriage is perfect because no spouse is perfected in love - we all fall short of God's design. This course will not perfect your marriage but will help you promote growth in your marriage. You and your spouse will be nourished on key insights that have been used by God at the center to restore the love and teamwork necessary for marriages to thrive. This course will saturate the soil of your marriage with living hope and practical direction.  A couple from a previous class testified, "We could not believe how deeply the Holy Spirit spoke to our hearts about changes we needed to make...this has forever impacted our marriage."

Topics: The Cause of Conflict in Marriage; How to Change Biblically; Choosing Love in a Difficult Marriage; Unity Through Biblical Communication; Unity Through Role Fulfillment; Unity Through Delighting in Differences; Unity Through Managing Responsibilities; Unity Through "Leaving and Cleaving;" Unity Through Sexual Satisfaction; Unity Through Financial Wisdom; Unity through Parental Companionship - Begin Unity in Marriage Today

Victory Over Addictions: Encompass - Surrounded by Songs of Deliverance
When a person is addicted to a substance, activity, or state of mind, it becomes the center of his/her life. Negative consequences - even fear of death is not a deterrent from the physical and emotional attachment to these idols. The addicted one has found a pleasure so powerful and exercised that often they destroy everything in exchange for the experience. When they try to break free from their addictions, the shame and regrets of who they have become and what they have destroyed often become too difficult to endure. Sadly, therefore, they return to the death-giver of addiction. The good news is that Jesus came to set us free from slavery to sin and has accomplished it! (John 8:36).  Learn the practical path to this victory in Christ over addiction that many coming to the center have already found.

Topics: Finding Hope; the Root of My Addiction; Total Restructuring for Spiritual Change; Establishing Effective, Biblical Accountability; Help for the Family; Uniqueness of Biblical Counseling & Change; Idols of the Heart & Life Dominating Sin; Counseling the Sexually Tempted; Dealing with Digital Addiction Biblically; Hope and Help for Gambling - Begin Victory Over Addiction Today

Parenting by Faith: 8 Essentials in Child Training 
Practical directions and inspiring insights for becoming an effective parent based on eight essentials out of Ephesians 6:4. You will learn a method that is biblical, workable and effective - case-tested over hours of counseling practice.  "Do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in discipline and instruction of the Lord." This passage is the basis of the eight traits that cause you to become a shepherd after God's own heart.

Topics: Vertical Goals ("of the Lord"); Prayerful Dependence ("of the Lord"); Close Companionship ("bring them up"); Godly Example ("do not provoke"); Structured Environment ("in the discipline"); Everyday Conversations ("in the instruction"); Consistent Consequences ("in the discipline"); Gentle Correction ("in the instruction") - Begin Parenting by Faith Today

Divorce & Remarriage: Beyond Divorce Recovery
Are you considering divorce? Are you already divorced? Are you seeking to provide biblical counseling and support for those in potential or actual divorce? If so, these four sessions will help you get clear answers from God's Word so that you have His light to guide and His Spirit to empower.

Topics: A Biblical Perspective on Divorce & Remarriage; Before You Say, "I Quit"; Rebuilding After Divorce; Overcoming Shame, Despair, Shame, Anger, and Loneliness -  Begin Divorce & Remarriage Today need new link

The Christian Single: 
Being a Christian single is challenging on many levels, but also is being married. Our culture is choosing the challenges of singleness over that of marriage. In 2014, for the first time since the federal government began tracking that data in 1976, there are now more single persons than married in the United States. Married is dying and singleness is on the rise. Yet, God declared from the beginning, "It is not good for man to be alone" and then, out of His goodness, created marriage. The New Testament specifically teaches that few people have been given the ability to handle singleness and that it is only to be pursued for divine purposes not selfish. Come learn how to pursue those purposes and experience the divine blessings and fulfillment of singleness while avoiding the temptations. But also come to learn how to pursue a spouse biblically if you don’t have the divine gift of singleness. God has solutions. Begin The Christian Single Today need new link

Victory Over Eating Disorders: Heart & Habit Change
In this course, you will learn about Anorexia and Bulimia and how to get to the heart of the struggle. You will discover the thought patterns that enslave. You will also learn how to practically and powerfully turn from the urge to the better that God promises. You can overcome. Most need a team of people assisting to overcome. This is a good beginning, but we encourage you to reach out to us for personal help even as you begin this course. Begin Victory Over Eating Disorders Today

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TRANSFORMED EMOTIONS - Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Guilt and Bitterness
UNITY IN CONFLICT - Become a Person of Influence in Conflict
UNITY IN MARRIAGE - Nine Key Areas of Potential Conflict in Marriage; Developing the Heart and Habits to Handle Them
EIGHT ESSENTIALS IN CHILD-TRAINING - Becoming a Parent After God’s Own Heart in Eight Key Areas: Goals, Example, Companionship, Prayer, Structure, Conversations, Discipline and Correction


Eating Disorders (Coming Soon)

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