Anger: It's Causes & Cures (2 Part Audio)

Online Workshops | Anger: It's Causes & Cures (2 Part Audio)

Anger: It's Causes & Cures (2 Part Audio)

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2 Audio Sessions - Is your anger biblical or sinful? Is your anger justified by scripture? What is your motivation for this anger? How are you expressing your anger? Learn how to identify sinful anger and how to transform the heart behind sinful anger. And finally, learn how to use anger-provoking situations for good and growth. God has answers, the Bible provides the directions!Have you ever thought or said, “You made me anger!”  If you believe this you will never change the true cause of your anger.  Learn how what you desire and what you believe your “rights”  are form the main cause of all sinful anger according to the Bible.   When tempted to anger by problem, learn how to let the Scripture open your eyes, correct your desires, and humble your pride before Christ, so that out of this new found humility you can address those problems in a more biblical way.   Without this, our anger is only creating more trouble and not solving anything.


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