Dealing with Resistance to Biblical Change - Video

Online Workshops | Dealing with Resistance to Biblical Change - Video

Dealing with Resistance to Biblical Change - Video

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What do you do when someone needing help will not submit to the clear instruction of the Word? 1Thes 5:14 gives 3 different reasons for such resistance and 3 different responses you are to give for each: 1) warn the rebellious; 2) encourage the faint hearted; 3) help the weak. The rebellious are blinded by the temporary pleasure of disobedience (much like Judas). The faint hearted have lost biblical hope as they have been enduring tough circumstances (much like Job). The weak are deficient in knowledge, faith, resources or maybe physical limitations (much like the women at the well). You will learn to apply this instruction from Paul to various contemporary cases you encounter, discussing how to patiently and effectively reach the hearts of each of these to do the will of God. The art of biblical persuasion is a skill we need to grow in as instruments in the hands of the Redeemer - especially as one-on-one disciple-makers and counselors of the Word.


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