Overcoming Bitterness Through Forgiveness (2 Part Audio)

Online Workshops | Overcoming Bitterness Through Forgiveness (2 Part Audio)

Overcoming Bitterness Through Forgiveness (2 Part Audio)

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2 Audio Sessions God’s forgiveness of us is the basis of our forgiveness of others (Luke 7:47; Matt 18:33). God is ready to forgive when sins are confessed and repented of, according to Psalm 86:5. We are to deal with others sin against us “just as God in Christ” has dealt with our sin according to Ephesians 4:31-32 and Colossians 3:13. Learn how to be ready to forgive those who confess and repent of sin against you, through putting on, like God, kindness and compassion. In the next session you will learn what to do with those who have sinned against you but have not confessed. Bitterness unresolved will lead to a destruction greater than that of the sin against you. But you have a choice if you yourself have experienced the forgiveness of God. In this session, you will learn steps that lead to having a heart of forgiveness.Biblical forgiveness is conditional, but kindness and compassion are not.  In this session you will probably be surprised to learn that the Bible does not command us to forgive those who are unrepentant.  Luke 17:3 says, “If he repent, forgive.”  So how does God instruct us to deal with those who sin against us but are unrepentant?  In this session you will learn this.   These responses are rooted in a hope of influencing repentance in the heart of the person who has sinned against you that forgiveness may be granted and true reconciliation with you and the Lord may be given.   Forgiveness and reconciliation are the goals of all the other replacements.  Come learn to be free from bitterness by walking in all the biblical replacements to bitterness. 


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